Subterranean Voices: Live

by hiddensounds



hiddensounds (a.k.a. Jordan Lacey) was commissioned by the 14th Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival to produce a site-specific electroacoustic work in the Trench, titled Subterranean Voices. The Trench is a large concrete cuboid cavern situated beneath Federation Square between platforms 12 & 13 of Flinders St station. Consequently the space is full of the sounds of passing trains, blaring horns and PA announcements. The space is also home to a network of pipes carrying sewerage and grease waste creating a surreal watery ambiance that acts as a counterpoint to the otherwise highly dynamic transportation sounds. Six 20-minute consecutive performances were held on the 31st August and the 1st September 2013. This is a live recording of the final performance. There has been no editing or post-production of this soundfile beyond the removal of a few coughs and chair scrapes.

Noise Meditations is a work for Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria that explored studio recordings of two installations: "Subterranean Voices" and "Revoicing the Striated Soundscape".

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released November 7, 2013

Thank you to Philip Samartzis and Kristen Sharp for inviting me to participate in Liquid Architecture.



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Track Name: Noise Meditations
Train Now Departing.
Stand Clear Please. Stand Clear.